Should I get married overseas?

Getting married abroad is not a decision to be taken lightly and there are both advantages and disadvantages.

The best way to find out whether it is right for you is to make a pros and cons list:

1) Get a blank sheet of paper and a pen
2) Draw a line to make 2 columns
3) Down the left column write all the reasons to get married abroad
4) Down the right column all the reason not too

Do the negatives outweigh the positives?  Are these easily overcome i.e. are you worried that it will be too much to organise?

The list should make it fairly clear to you whether or not a wedding abroad is for you.  If it is, excellent we can move on to the next stage of planning.  If not then you can start planning for your UK wedding.

Choosing Your Destination
This is where we step in and help guide you towards the perfect destination for your wedding.  This may be dependent on the time of year you wish to get married or the vision you have for your perfect day.  You may be restricted by budget, by legality issues or accesibilty for your guests.  We can help guide you through each and every step.

There are many factors to consider which can be completely overwhelming, let Full Circle Travel make the decision making so much easier.

Wedding Package vs. Tailor Made
Once you have decided on a destination we then need to decide on a wedding venue and accommodation for you and your guests.

This largely depends on budget but essentially you have two options.
1) To go with a wedding package.  Costs are defined as much as possible and you will have options to enhance your wedding.  These packages are usually offered by hotels that specialise in weddings and know how to make things go without a hitch.  Where possible and certainly if requested, we only use venues that hold one wedding a day to ensure it is your day alone.

2) Tailor make your wedding.  This is usually the more expensive option but if you are looking for something a little more exclusive or for a larger party then this may be the option for you.  Full Circle Travel can arrange weddings in unique locations and can assist with any requests however big or small.

Countdown to the Wedding
Once everything has been booked, Full Circle Travel will still be there to help you plan everything right up to the big day and beyond.

For an overseas wedding we advise getting invites out as soon as possible to allow guests to budget and plan for the trip.  Attendance at overseas weddings is generally lower than in the UK.  It is worth maybe setting aside a small fund for really close friends and relatives who you really want there but who may not be able to afford it.

Getting responses early also means you are usually able to get cheaper airfares.  Hotels will also offer discounted rates.  Full Circle Travel will assist with all of this and obtain rates and packages for your guests.

We have only just touched the surface here of what is involved in organising a wedding overseas.  A daunting and overwhelming task, so why take all that on yourself?  Leave it all to to us.  Full Circle Travel is fiercely independent and is not tied to any tour operators at all so you get what is best for you.